London Tone Live at the Triple Door

We did it! 52 Artists 52 Singles 52 Week. Now it’s time to celebrate.

Performing London Tone artists include:
Kim Virant, Andrew Joslyn, Susy Sun, Jessica Lynn, Kitt Bender, Eric Lilavois, Geoffrey Castle, Nolan Garrett, Rikk Beatty, Tobias The Owl, Smokey Brights, Will Jordan, Strong Suit, Before Cars, Vanowen, Whitney Lyman, Lions Ambition, Jovino Santos Neto, Spyn Reset, Philana Goodrich, Jeremy Serwer, Danny Pentin, Antoine Martell & Raymond Hayden

The Triple Door
216 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Thursday, April 30th @ 8 PM
Doors Open at 6:30 PM
Ticket Price: Advance $18.00 Day Of Show: $20.00

Tickets on Sale at The Triple Door Box Office, Online or By Phone

We Did It!

We Did It!

January 20th 2014 – January 12th 2015

52 Singles in 52 Weeks!

Thank you to all of the amazingly talented artists who participated!!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!!

Thank you to all of our fans who supported us throughout the year!!

We are exhausted, but very, very grateful!

London Tone Music has big plans for 2015

Stay Tuned!

Jonathan, Geoff, Jeff, Jeff & Eric

LTM Artist Nolan Garrett & Jerry Miller, Sittin’ Around Jammin’

This is a cool video of two talented Tacomans, 16 year-old songqwriter and guitar whiz, Nolan Garrett with the legendary Moby Grape guitarist, Jerry Miller.

The 52×52 project at London Bridge Studio

from Quinn Russell Brown
In January, the small record label London Tone Music Group set out to produce 52 new songs by 52 artists in 52 weeks, recording at the historic London Bridge Studio in Shoreline, Washington. Read the story here at

The 52×52 project at London Bridge Studio from Quinn Russell Brown on Vimeo.

I’m With Amy scores London Tone’s First TV Placement

im-with-amy-coverAll of us at London Tone Music are overjoyed at the news that our artist, I’m With Amy and the song, Constellations has been picked up for placement in MTV’s show, Awkward, for the new Fall Season. No word yet on the exact episode, but as soon as we know, you’re going to know. A big shout out to our licensing partner, Jen Czeisler @ Rogue Octopus for securing the placement. Congrats to Amy Pinon & Abe Woolsey, A.K.A. I’m with Amy and London Bridge producer/engineer, Geoff Ott.

Week #27 introduces Vacant Seas

Week #27 introduces Vacant Seas, a twist on modern punk, desert rock, with a little surf guitar and 60s psychedelica thrown in for good measure. These three Seattle rockers pumped with high energy, passion and a love for blending rock styles they love and bending them into something new, is a trademark of this young band we’re thrilled to have as part of London Tone Music. The song is a private SoundCloud link right now for you early believers…Enjoy!

London Tone on NPR!

A Northwest record label has made it a little easier for musicians to launch their careers.

London Tone has signed contracts with 52 mostly unknown artists for just one song, and allowed them record the single at the famed London Bridge Studios in Shoreline.

London Bridge is the place that helped launch Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. On a recent visit to the studio, I found a six-piece funk band called The Fabulous Party Boys warming up, and Owuor Arunga, the trumpet player for Mackelemore, going over some freshly laid tracks.

This buzzing studio is where the new label London Tone is producing most of its work. Instead of investing time and money in entire albums, the focus is on pushing out one new single each week. It’s a yearlong project called “52×52: A Year In Your Ear.”

‘Even The Old Broads Can Make It’

The project kicked off in January with a song, titled “Pilot,” written and performed by Kim Virant. In the golden age of the Northwest grunge scene, Virant fronted the band Lazy Susan.

“When the ‘90s and all that was coming through, everyone got signed around me, but my band, Lazy Susan, never did,” Virant said.

Virant has been making music and performing over the years, but this is the first time she’s ever had a contract.

“It was great when they asked me. I’m 48. I finally got signed. Even the old broads can make it,” she said.

‘It’s A Monstrous Task’

Jeff Ross, one of London Tone’s partners says the idea for the project came from seeing the trend of people buying more single tracks than entire albums, and also knowing there’s a lot of great music that isn’t seeing the light of day.

“This really came from the fact there is a tremendous amount of talent out there. They are recording and putting out great recordings all the time. The bands take the recordings and walk out the studio, and nothing happens,” Ross said.

The amount of work London Tone puts into promoting these bite-sized pieces of music is substantial. Each of the 52 professionally-produced songs require a press release. The label also shoots four-minute videos of bands and singer-songwriters talking about their work. Each song costs the company between $4,000 and $8,000 to produce and promote.

“It’s a monstrous task,” Ross said.

‘Every Song Has To Have Its Own Life’

Ross says just because most of the songs are being recorded in the studio that helped launch grunge onto the world stage doesn’t mean London Tone is sticking to that one genre, or any type of music, really.

Credit Courtesy of London Tone.
“One week we may be doing a band like Anjuman, which is one of our more avant-garde releases, which is India Ragas over Afro-Cuban rhythms. And the next week, we may be doing a country song by Jessica Lynne,” he said.

Jessica Lynne moved from Denmark to the Northwest a few years ago to pursue her love of country music. For Lynn, writing songs is as essential as breathing and eating. Her song “Calling Me Home” was released in the sixth week of the project. Lynne says making musicians focus on one track creates better music.

“There’s no room for, ‘Ah it’s a half-OK decent song. We’ll put it in there.’ There’s no room for that. Every song has to have its own life, its own story, its own place in the world. And if it doesn’t, keep writing, because the next one will,” Lynne said.

‘There’s Still Hope’

So is this working? Are these musicians getting their songs on streaming services like Pandora, or being used in commercials? Virant’s song, “Pilot,” has seen some success.

“It’s in Starbucks right now. So when you’re in there buying a coffee you might hear it up above playing,” she said. “I think that’s very thrilling. Who knew? See? There’s still hope.”

And at least one grunge song did make it into the yearlong project’s lineup, but it’s not by a Northwest band. The group, called Neodea, is from Italy. And when the band recorded its song, “Diretta TV” at the famed London Bridge Studios, one of the band members was so happy to be there that he got onto his hands and knees and kissed the parking lot.

Smokey Brights Playing Bumbershoot 2014

London Tone Music

Smokey Brights bumbershoot pic

We are so thrilled to learn that one of our 52×52 bands, Smokey Brights are playing Bumbershoot this year! Congrats! It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people!

The 1st of 52 is on the way

It’s been a bit crazy, but the first of 52 singles in 52 weeks from London Tone Music,drops on Monday January 20th.  We are honored to lead off with the amazing vocalist and Seattle Music treasure, Kim Virant and her single “Pilot”.  On paper this concept was very doable when Geoff and Jonathan thought of it.  However, the logistics involved with releasing 52 singles from 52 artists has been daunting.  To make this happen we have learned to depend on each other and work as a team.  It really does take a village in today’s Music Industry.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

A Year in Your Ear

Seattle’s surge to musical prominence in the late 80s and 90s stemmed in large part from albums recorded at London Bridge Studio.  Influential bands such as Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog and Alice in Chains all recorded classic Seattle records at London Bridge.  Soundgarden’s Grammy-winning “Louder than Love” and Pearl Jam’s multi-platinum debut “Ten”, cemented the studios International reputation for musical success.  Bands and musical artists such as Blind Melon, Candlebox, Unwritten Law, Default, 3 Doors Down, Brandi Carlile and LeRoy Bell have all recorded at London Bridge.

In the spirit of London Bridge Studios, its affiliated recording company London Tone Music is on the hunt for the best new music from up and coming bands/musical artists of all genres, all delivered to a worldwide audience every week for a year. Fifty two bands/musical artists from throughout the Northwest and beyond will be selected to sign a singles contract, record their bestnew song at London Bridge Studios and see it digitally released, promoted and marketed by the capable staff of music professionals at London Tone Music.

Contest rules

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