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May 19, 2014


Beautiful Credits:

Words by Paul Landis
Music by Paul Landis, Kevin Dillon, and Colin Davis
Guitar & Lead Vocals: Paul Landis
Guitar & Keyboards: Kevin Dillon
Bass & Keyboards: Colin Davis
Drums: Michael Alex

Produced by Jonathan Plum and Vanowen
Engineered and Mixed by Jonathan Plum
Mastered by Steve Turnidge

Graphic Design by Jessica Lynne
Photography by Kariba Jack



  • Beautiful

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Vanowen is an unlikely union of Seattle musicians from numerous and varied musical missions who honed their talents over a vast history of recordings, tours, and studio gigs. In a chance meeting at a session produced by Colin Davis back in 2004, Kevin Dillon was introduced to Paul Landis. Soon thereafter, a musical connection and collaboration was born. In need of a drummer, Michael Alex was recommended, and one song later they knew he was “the guy”.  They performed in and around Seattle, but later went on hiatus as a group due to scheduling conflicts. Wanting to pick up where they had left off, they reformed in 2013 and entered the studio at London Bridge. Vanowen’s songs range from straight ahead rock n’ roll to more subtle musical musings and instrumentation. Their songs possess an introspective sense of humor regarding life’s triumphs and tribulations to which every listener can easily relate and reflect on in their own lives. Now having combined their influences of 70’s English rock and modern pop, Paul, Kevin, Colin, and Michael have come together in common purpose to deliver melody, harmony, and infectious hooks, as Vanowen.

Their first single for London Tone Music is an inspiring rocker called, “Beautiful.”