release date:

October 27, 2014


“River” Credits 

Song written by The Bellwether Ambassadors

Mars de la Mancha – Guitar and Vocals

Carson Lehman – Bass

Eric Jenner – Drums


Additional piano by Dave West


Produced, engineered and mixed by Carson Lehman

Additional engineering by Brian Rosemeyer


Graphic Design by Nick Jessen

The Bellwether Ambassadors

  • River

The Bellwether Ambassadors was a musical group consisting of Mars de la Mancha (vocals/guitar), Eric Jenner (drums) and Carson Lehman (bass). Their time was spent exploring the outer reaches of their minds while staying rooted with the traditional rock and folk music that they grew up on. Their track for London Tone Music’s 52x52 is called River, from their Gunslinger album, a novella following the Eastwood-esque crusader, The Gunslinger, as he tries to vanquish the Sinister Minister. The twists and turns that are prevalent on this collection of tracks are indicative of the playful musicianship and the fearlessness of the band to try anything and everything. Carson Lehman, who produced, mixed and engineered the album (with additional engineering done by Brian Rosemeyer at Kingsize Soundlabs) did his best to harness the ideas and concepts of the Bellwether Ambassadors and make an album that truly “fucked with the head, but in a good way!"


Following the dissolution of The Bellwether Ambassadors, de la Mancha and Jenner launched various other musical endeavors.  De la Mancha is now guitarist in the national touring band Nacosta, while Jenner has started Ever the Mystic and produces out of his Orange County studio. Lehman went up north to Seattle, WA where he continues to produce and mix out of London Bridge Studio.