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March 31, 2014


Getting Easier Credits

Song Written by Antoine Martel & Alexandra Bedard
Vocals & Guitar: Antoine Martel
Vocals & Cello: Alexandra Bedard
Vocals & Guitar: Alex Cherney
Violin & Vocals: Gareth Dicker

Produced & Engineered & Mixed by Geoff Ott @ London Bridge Studio
Assistant Engineer: Carson Lehman
Mastered by Steve Turnidge


The Arborists

  • Getting Easier


The Arborists is a collaborative project exploring new ideas in folk or acoustic music through the use of unique instrumentation/sonic textures and thoughtful lyrics. Primarily comprised of Alex Bedard, Alex Cherney, Gareth Dicker, and Antoine Martel, the band's intimate live performances are juxtaposed with fully orchestrated recordings to provide a distinctive experience in each medium.

The Band Members:

Alexandra Bedard:
Cellist, vocalist, and co-songwriter, Alexandra is just some girl with big aspirations and good friends. Music is one of the many creative outlets through which Alex expresses the joys and sorrows of life. Choosing the cello over ballet lessons at age 7, Alex is classically trained but always looking for new ways to break the contemporary mold. She over-thinks, but is convinced that anything is worth expressing if someone else can feel something from that expression. Because, ultimately, genuine connections are some of the best feelings we can experience, and Alexandra has joined The Arborists to live, learn, grow, and keep connecting.

Alex Cherney:
Alex is not one of the greatest to walk this earth, he simply is. A biped who loves to make people around him smile, Alex finds his communication methods best suited for the arts. Starting from humble origins on Long Island, NY, Alex has been involved with several musical projects and film endeavors for as long as he can remember. If you want to see where Alex sleeps at night (strictly platonic, he swears) text him @ 514 224 6351

Gareth Dicker:
Gareth learned violin classically since he was a wee lad, until he realized that improvising was much more fun for him. Now it’s difficult to keep him in a straight line, but he probably adds some interesting flavor to the group. Don’t worry about him. Just double check that he’ll turn up to practice and mike check on time. Not saying he doesn’t, but give him a call anyway to be sure. And whisper to him which song you’re playing a moment before you start so that he can prepare.

Antoine Martel:
Antoine is a Canadian/American singer/songwriter hailing from the largest city in the Evergreen State, and it is easy to tell. Flannel and earth tones govern his wardrobe, his acoustic sound is reminiscent of a simpler time, and he often sports a robust beard. Studying music at McGill takes up most of his time but he is always drawn to the acoustic guitar in the late hours of night.