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January 09, 2015


Muddy River Credits


Song Written by Tayla Lynn, Chris Roberts, Andrew Rollins

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Geoff Ott

Assistant Engineer: Carson Lehman

Mastered by Steve Turnidge


The Players:


Tayla Lynn : Vocals

Andy Stoller: Bass

Darren Loucas: Guitars

Wayne Horvitz: Piano and organ

Eric Eagle: Drums

Sean Devine: Harmonica & Vocals


Graphic Design: Jessica Lynne

Photo Credit: Chantel Allen

Tayla Lynn

  • Muddy River



Instagram @tennesseetaytay

Twitter: @taylalynnheller

YouTube: /turtally1


Steeped in country music and part of country music royalty, Tayla Lynn, Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter, is also musically and personally adventurous and when the combination of losing her Nashville record deal, a new marriage and a new baby, followed by an opportunity to move to Seattle presented itself, she was up for the challenge. Ultimately, she found her footing in the Northwest’s Americana music scene, but a fortuitous meeting at a charity event with a local blues/rock band, The Jelly Rollers, fueled her passion for an additional musical direction. That’s how Tayla Lynn & the HIMs were launched. “When I saw and heard them, I just went insane and thought that this is the music I want to make. I stalked them,” she laughed. The band features jazz great, Wayne Horvitz, on piano (Tayla calls him “an ivory whisperer”), bassist Andy Stoller, Darren Loucas on guitar, harmonica player, Sean Devine and drummer, Eric Eagle. “These guys are just geniuses,” she gushed. “Andy is an amazing bass player, vocalist and dad. He toured with Tracy Chapman for a long time (who I love!). He sort of keeps us all organized and on target. Darren is more of a free spirit. You can't really pin him down; he is such a unique artist. The harmonica is an instrument I grew up listening to at all my grandmother’s shows, so Sean is someone I resonated with instantly. Eric is cool and unstoppable. I love these guys.”

Tayla Lynn & the HIMs‘ first single for London Tone Music’s 52x52 campaign is called, Muddy River. Tayla and two of her Tennessee songwriting partners, Chris Roberts and Andrew Rollins, wrote the song. Tayla recalls how the song came about. “It was a cold wintry morning in Green Hills, Tennessee. It was one of those great writing sessions where Chris and Andrew just let me sing, just throw out whatever I was thinking with no calculated points to be made. It’s the way I prefer to write.”

Tayla remembers that the song, an Americana ballad, just poured out of her. “Andrew just started strumming the first few notes and I just said, ‘late one night in early December, he came to me like a melody’ and then we kept throwin’ out ideas back-and-forth. The lyric about ‘hopscotchin’ down by a muddy river’ is my image of young love, which is what we wanted to convey in this song.”

The song was recorded at London Bridge Studio with producer/engineer, Geoff Ott. “Geoff is very patient and laid back and I work well with that type of personality, “ Tayla said, adding, “The mood of the studio is similar, it’s very conducive to artistic energy.”

Finally, Tayla says she’s thrilled to be a part of London Tone Music’s 52x52 launch. “The caliber of artists that the label has been able to attract is magnificent. I’m honored to be among them.“