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June 16, 2014


Autodidactic Credits:

Yasu - Keys
Evan McPherson - Bass, Guitar
Pierson Martin – Drums
Additional Vocoding - Joey Veneziani.

Song Written by Spyn Reset
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Geoff Ott
Assistant Engineer: Carson Lehman
Graphic Design by Jessica Lynne


Spyn Reset

  • Autodidactic

Official Website: Spyn Reset
Facebook: /SpynReset
Twitter: @SpynReset

Spyn Reset apply their elite technique to create songs that are at once structurally challenging and melodically accessible, a difficult feat.  ….The Stranger, Seattle

Spyn Reset from Seattle, describe their music as "Electro Prog Rock," combining vocoded synth and keyboards, heavy guitar and 6 string bass, with rock drums and polyrhythmic percussion.  With fast, catchy dance grooves, unique timbres, and texturally dense arrangements, Spyn Reset is the sound of electronic music played by real virtuosic musicians. In a live setting, they are known for their amazing, genre-bending performances.

Their influences include Sound Tribe Sector 9, Garage a Trois, Lotus, Battles, Jaga Jazzist, Madeski Martin and Wood, Mars Volta, and Daft Punk, Yes, and Tool

Spyn Reset’s first single for London Tone Music’s 52x52 label launch campaign is called Autodidactic and it’s produced by long time collaborator, Geoff Ott, of London Bridge Studio.