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Produced by Geoff Ott & Jeffrey S. Ross Engineered and Mixed by Geoff Ott Mastered by Steve Turnidge

The Players:

  Paul Sawtelle – All Saxophones

  The Brotherhood of Soul Tommy Sandovallegos - Percussion Maurice Bailey - Drums Eugene Bien - Keyboards Gerald Turner - Bass Rikk Beatty – Guitar

  Guest Musicians Jeff Lorber - Keyboards Owuor Arunga - Trumpet Jessica Lynne - Vocals Kitt Bender -Vocals Nolan Garrett - Guitar Raymond Hayden - Piano Izzy Parker - Vocals Mr. Von - Rap Vocal Greg Kramer –Trombone

Paul Sawtelle & the Brotherhood of Soul

Paul Sawtelle is a contemporary smooth funk/jazz saxophonist and band leader from the Northwest. With his rootsy, organic band of passionate musicians, The Brotherhood of Soul, he interprets songs he loves from the past four decades plus two originals, co-written by legendary jazz keyboardist Jeff Lorber. who also lends his talent to the project. Virtual Insanity has been well received and continues to gain traction with reviewers and contemporary jazz radio across the country.