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April 28, 2014


Red River Credits:

Song Written by John Kelley
Produced by Jonathan Plum & Jeff Heiman
Engineered by Jonathan Plum & Carson Lehman
John Kelley: Lead Vocals, guitar, banjo, lap steel and harp
Dylan O'Hearn: Bass & Vocals
J.J. Tavernier: Percussion
Background Vocals: Kelsey Hoffman

Photography by Kariba Jack
Graphic Design by Jessica Lynne


Old Bottle Black

  • Red River

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With dirty guitars, driving beats and slinky bass lines, Old Bottle Black’s combination of rock, blues, alt-country and bluegrass combined with the intelligent songwriting and storytelling skills of John Kelley make OBB a band you need to know.
Their first single for London Tone Music is called Red River and it’s a mixture of folk, gritty rock and blues. It’s about a witch who haunts a family in North Carolina. The story is a couple hundred years old and may or may not be true, but John Kelly read about this weird, twisted and scary story and wrote a song about it. It makes sense since John’s all about the old stuff. He’s a collector of vintage guitars and amps, old banjos, harmonicas and great stories. Red River is one of them. It’s vintage, yet somehow very modern at the same time.