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March 24, 2014


Lackadaisical Credits
Written by Sebastian Abraham Bach
Vocals & Guitar: S.A. Bach
Lead Guitar: Tom Frazer
Drums: Lonn Hayes
Bass Guitar: Art Paz

Produced by Eric Lilavois @ Crown City Studio
Mixed by Eric Lilavois
Mastered by Steve Turnidge


Oh Yeah, The Future

  • Lackadaisical

Twitter: @ohyeahthefuture

Oh Yeah, the Future is an alternative rock band, anchored by longtime friends & collaborators S.A. Bach (singer-songwriter) & Art Paz (bassist). Lonn Hayes (drummer) & Tom Frazer (lead guitarist) are now in the band following their 2012 graduation from Berklee College of Music.

Tonally and dynamically, the group owes a huge debt to all earnestly epic & unabashedly weird alternative rock bands, everywhere, chief among them Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Radiohead, R.E.M., Weezer & Built to Spill. Lyrically and melodically, singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith & Neko Case have been equally influential.

As teenagers, Bach & Paz met at a rock show in 2000 and began performing and recording together in a variety of projects soon thereafter. Together, they studied audio engineering at Citrus Community College, where they met the young Hayes & Frazer. Bach has previously self-released three full-lengths: a pop-rock album on which he collaborated with his father & sister, a confessional concept album, and a semi-twangy folk-rock album. Paz is an accomplished electronic musician (as Zaptra), having released a full-length LP in addition to three music videos and several remixes. He is also an Apple Genius. Hayes & Frazer are wizards on their respective instruments and devoted to using their powers for good.

The OYTF record (more of a demo LP), entitled New Brave Face, is free to download. It was recorded & mixed by Bach and mastered by Paz. Something of a time capsule, it documents the present formation of the band as well as two previous lineups: the original, which featured drummer Hayes & multi-instrumentalist Johnny Unicorn (who moved to Michigan after the first show and now resides in Seattle); and a later transitional lineup, which included guitarist Jonathan Gomez (now of Sanglorians) & drummer Andrew Espantman (now of Robert Jon & the Wreck).

Oh Yeah, The Future’s single for London Tone Music is called, Lackadaisical, and was recorded with producer, Eric Lilavois, at Crown City Studios, in Pasadena, the Southern California-based sister studio of Seattle’s London Bridge. The song is quirky, fun and engaging indie rock and London Tone Music is thrilled to have the band as part of our 52x52 and as our first release from Southern California.