release date:

November 10, 2014


“No Love” Credits


Produced, Mixed, & Engineered by Eric Lilavois

Mastered by Geoff Ott & Eric Lilavois

Assistant Engineers: Adam Chavez, Carson Lehman

Pro Tools Editing: Adam Chavez


A&R: Joseph Olender


Music & Lyrics: Justin Joyce


KONG. - Vocals, Upright Bass

Adam Chavez - Drums, Percussion

Taylor Kinney - Organ, Electric Piano

Danny T. Levin - Trumpet

Joanie Pimentel - Background Vocals


  • No Love


Twitter: @justindjoyce


KONG. is the musical expression of Justin Joyce.  The music of KONG. is heavily organic; containing beautifully designed, analog-influenced soundscapes that submerge the listener in an ocean of deep, mesmerizing, and soulful hooks.  The lyrics elegantly and emotionally tell tales so honest, they border on the explicit. 


His debut single “No Love” for London Tone Music’s 52x52 campaign, features sounds of upright bass, horns, drums, organ, powerhouse backup vocals and home-grown synth pads, all tied together by the guttural texture of Justin’s rich vocals. When asked to elaborate on the meaning of "No Love,” Justin says it’s about fighting for what you believe in, adding, “there truly is no love like the one you can't have. As a member of the music community and industry for over 15 years, hailing from a teeny but diverse town, Randolph, MA, I knew I would have to strive for something beyond reality to achieve my dream of changing the world with my music.” Justin Joyce fights for that every day.


KONG. is an original experience that takes the listener on an exploration of the dark and the hopeful. Justin recognizes producer, Eric Lilavois, as someone who helped him on that journey of musical exploration. “From the moment I met Eric, I knew we had a connection. Little did I know how deep it ran. We share a passion for Jim Morrison and the Doors and we both fed off the energies at London Bridge Studio, like that of our heroes Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley and Chris Cornell. Working in a sanctuary such as London Bridge was a long awaited dream. We became very close, and fell deep into the heart of the project and completed what I believe is a groundbreaking soundscape for KONG.”