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September 08, 2014


Hinder Credits

Music: Kaitlin Beard & Shane Scot
Lyrics: Kaitlin Beard
Vocals: Kaitlin Beard
Guitar: Shane Scot
Drums: Thane Mitchell
Bass: Oliver Spencer
Upright Bass: Fish Jones

Produced, Engineered & Mixed: Jonathan Plum
Assistant Engineer: Carson Lehman
Mastered By Steve Turnidge

Photo By Kariba Jack Photography
Graphic Design by Jessica Lynne


In The Between

  • Hinder

Formed in 2012, In The Between brings a dynamic flow to the stage. With their melodic grooves and moving vocals, In The Between has taken the Northwest by storm and has no plans on stopping. Extraordinary vocalist, Kaitlin Beard, brings a sense of both power and serenity to the mix and when combined with Shane Scot’s commanding guitar riffs, there is real magic on stage and in the studio.

Fueled by a strong desire to entertain and put on an amazing show, In The Between has established a reputation for an emotional, gripping and very musical show, on par with the best live performers in the Northwest.
Their first single for London Tone Music is called, “Hinder.” Produced by Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studio, the song is about the love that a young soldier has for his family back home while on an extended mission overseas. Kaitlin Beard, In the Between’s powerhouse vocalist wrote the lyrics. “It’s a message to his family to not lose hope, that they will be together again soon,” Kaitlin says, adding, “while at the same time, it’s about the soldier’s faith, surrounded by chaos, trying desperately to summon up the courage needed to face each difficult day and remain hopeful.”
In The Between is currently in the studio recording their full-length album "Kismet, “ scheduled for release in 2015.