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December 24, 2014


Harmony’s Army Credits

Words and Music by Andrew DeWitt

Produced by Eric Lilavois and Andrew DeWitt

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Lilavois

Assistant Engineers:  Andrew Nassih, Patrick Spain, Dave West, and Carson Lehman

Recorded at Ocean Way Studio, Crown City Studios, and London Bridge Studio

Mastered by Geoff Ott


The Players

Piano, Acoustic Guitar: Andrew DeWitt

Additional Background Vocals: Jeff Glassberg, David Moyer, Danny Levin,

Edy Pickens Levin, Jaime Neely,

Drums/Percussion: Jimi Englund

Violin and Viola: Andrew Joslyn

Euphonium and Trumpet: Danny Levin


The London Tone Family

Alcena Plum, Amy Pinon, Andrew DeWitt, Annabelle Lilavois, Caitlin Beard, Celeigh Chapman, Colin Davis, Curt Williams, Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott, Ilene Ruvinsky, Isaiah Dominguez, Jeff Ross, Jeff Heiman, Jessica Lynne, Jonathan Plum Justin Joyce, Kim Virant, Kitt Bender, Lillian Plum, Madeline Lilavois, Marni DeWitt, Nolan Garrett, Paul Landis, Phil Georgas, Raymond Hayden, Sean Bates, Sommer Ueda & Elijah Dhawan


Graphic Design by Kudasai Please

Frequentscenes feat. London Tone Family

  • Harmony's Army




Twitter: @frequentscenes


Frequentscenes is the songwriting and production project of musician Andrew DeWitt. Grounded in DeWitt's extensive work as a composer and producer of music for film and television, Frequentscenes builds upon the idea of "sights, sounds, stories and scenes", bringing together a diverse collection of premier independent vocalists and musicians to create thoughtful, inspired, and eclectic original songs. "Our story is told through the sounds we incite from the voices and souls of the artists we unite."


For his first project with London Tone Music, Dewitt chose a song called Harmony’s Army, a terrific song that welcomes the New Year with a very positive and uplifting message. Andrew explains the track’s origins. “The song is about joining forces and looking ahead to the promise that the New Year brings. It's inspired by the idea of a citizen’s army that spreads peace and goodwill through music. Our weapon is sound, our cause is harmony, but it's only effective when we're all in time.”


Joining Andrew on the song is the London Tone Family, a diverse collection of artists from our 52x52 launch campaign who each took turns with the verses and all joined in the big rollicking chorus. When asked what the experience was like bringing all of these artists together in both Seattle and LA, Andrew was humble and effusive, saying, “realizing the recording of this song with such an amazing group of talent was a dream, and absolutely exemplified the entire meaning and intention of what the song is all about. It's not always easy to have so much talent working together, and tell an artist he or she can only sing one line, or a harmony, but everyone really embraced the idea of this group effort and gave it their all, which was an incredible honor to me.”


Andrew also discussed what is means to be part of London Tone Music, adding, “I'm very honored and proud to be a part of the 52x52 project. Frequentscenes is all about giving voice to the wide range of talent in our artistic community, so being one part of a project with such a similar mission is very inspiring. It's so great to meet like-minded people who are building a community and providing an outlet for the wealth of talent in the independent music scene.”