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March 17, 2014


Sword & Sheild Credits

Song Written by Brian Fischer, AJ Sorbello & Geoffrey Castle
Produced by AJ Sorbello & Jonathan Plum
Mixed by AJ Sorbello &  Jonathan Plum  
Mastered by Steve Turnidge
Violins: Geoffrey Castle
Female Vocal: Emily Taylor
Male Vocal: Boots Chammas
Background Vocals: Jonathan Plum


Fractal Music Works feat. Geoffrey Castle

  • Sword & Shield

Fractal Music Works is the musical brainchild of A.J. Sorbello, Brian Fischer, and Geoffrey Castle, a musical team who, with an extended family of musicians and artists, delivers a breathtakingly cinematic and original new sound that is proud to be from Seattle. With elements of Electronica, Dub Step, Rock, World Music and Rap, the world of Fractal Music Works is soaring, orchestral, danceable, contemporary and evocative.  

Their first single for London Tone Music is called, Sword & Shield.