release date:

November 05, 2014


“Joanna Southcott” Credits


Song Written by Dave West & Grant Lundgren


Dave West / Piano & Vocals

Grant Lundgren / Guitar & Vocals

Ramon Salumbides / Bass

Mike West / Drums

Jake Sand / Mandolin & Slide Guitar

Bryan Lebehn – Trumpet

Jake Nannery – Trombone


Produced & Engineered by

Dave West, Grant Lundgren, Ehren Ebbage


Mixed by Geoff Ott

Mastered by Steve Turnidge

Photo by Aaron Piazza


  • Joanna Southcott

Why does a person make music?   For some, it’s a hobby.  For others, it’s a compulsion.  For Buckhorn, the musical project of Dave West and Grant Lundgren of Seattle, WA, it’s like opening the diary of someone you’ve never met, but feel as if you’ve known them all your life.  Perhaps the familiarity has to do with the everyday heartbreak of human experience you hear in the lyrics.  Or, perhaps, it’s musical touchstones the band brings with them – the sound of a couple of gents who obsessively watched bootleg copies of ‘Cocksucker Blues’ and studied Bernie Taupin through the lens of those who came of age in the post 9/11 generation.


“Joanna Southcott”, their single for London Tone Music’s 52X52 campaign, exhibits the band’s knack for deft lyricism, using the tale of Joanna Southcott’s Box as a jumping off point for a song about an on again, off again relationship that never delivers what's promised.


Buckhorn is currently working on their debut album.